Monday, September 19, 2011

Delta Terrace Kinda Sucks

I moved into my dorm at UCLA 5 days ago. I’ve visited several of the dorms during my past few visits to UCLA, and I was quite excited to see my dorm. I had high expectations for it especially after seeing how nice Reiber Terrace was. To tell you the truth, mine sucks. I live in Delta Terrace with all the other incoming transfers. Some background information on Delta Terrace: It’s a plaza, which means the rooms are bigger than residential hall rooms, and neighbors share bathrooms. Delta is known as the transfer experience on the hill. This is where are the transfer students are put in so that we can all have a purposeful  and smooth transition.  The dorms are literally located in the most isolated corner of campus. This basically means that nothing happens around here. No activities, no kickbacks, nothing. In addition to the boring life here at Delta Terrace, the buildings are terrible. They’re dirty and old. The walls have stains on them and the hallways are breeding grounds for spiders and crickets. The lounges are even worse. When I took my first tour of the building, there were fucking chips on the floor. The couches were falling apart, and there is no AC. The rooms are even worse. My room in particular smells like dried piss. On Wednesday, the ORL had dogs come into each room to check for bedbugs. I don’t know how I’m going to stay here for the rest of the year. I will be issuing a change of assignment request in October. Hopefully all goes well and I can switch rooms.


  1. hoping for the best for your! +followed, feel free to check me out

  2. Dude, rack out the Febreeze that's all I gotta say. At least you'll be gettin' some like it's nothing in College.

    Follow back and delivar please!

  3. Jeez, that sounds unpleasant... Hopefully it's not a dry residency.

  4. take 10 bottles of chlore and wipe over everything. The dirt thats still left should be sterile ;D